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I recently wrote about starting to enjoy mosaic making, well its quite handy to do something that your partner is expert at, as I have the best teacher on hand!! What a shame Dan isn’t so keen on Yoga and Pilates!

During the quiet Winter months I thought I would try my hand at improving it, just to see whether I could be an assistant to Dan rather than a student.  So far I’m quite pleased with the results and I seem to have quite a different style to Dan. I enjoy creating more ethereal mosaics. My favorite subjects are evolving and so far, wolves, flowers, fairies and all things magic, are what I enjoy most. Once I start, I cant leave it alone and needing Dan’s input less and less. He hovers over me quite a lot but does leave me to make my mistakes. He is so encouraging and at various stages I take a photo of the work in progress and I can see my mistakes and correct them.

Gone are the days when I would cut big chunks of glass and stick them down, to make what I thought was a pattern, as quickly as possible. I was too impatient too spend time and wanted to see my creation finished and grouted, as quickly as possible; typical Aries trait, which I’m learning to control, or perhaps its that magic age of 60 years old, finally teaching me more perseverance and calm.  Mosaics is certainly a serene and peaceful activity and takes a lot of concentration.  The benefits of making something, completing it and feeling satisfied with it, are good for the soul.

I now even have a bit of a gallery coming on…

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Dog Portraits capture the love for your pet in glass mounted on wood. The size of the mosaic is 26cm width x 40cm height and 18mm in thickness. The glass is fixed with adhesive directly onto the wood and grouted with a medium to dark grey grout. This is the best colour to tie the tone of the mosaic together and create a wonderful depth and clarity. The mosaics are suitable for interiors only and will last a lifetime. The wood is treated with an oil based black paint and fixings for hanging are provided. The pet portrait mosaics weigh 1.5kg once complete so very lightweight for postage and packaging.

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