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Jo Livingstone a fun and innovative teacher from Glasgow, will be coming to Tara Casa retreat, in Murcia Spain from the 18th to 24th March, to teach Nia. Nia combines dance arts, martial arts and healing arts to form an amazing fusion fitness program.

The week will include daily sessions of Nia, mosaic making and one Pilates session. Full board and use of facilities.

Cost: 480 pounds per person

Contact – joannalivingstone@hotmail.co.uk or 07812105989

Information about Jo and her classes on her facebook page Nia movement and Dance Glasgow. 

Only 6 places avaialble, so book your place asap.


Nia Holiday

Joanna Livingstone Bio – Nia Blue Belt Practitioner & Clinical Psychologist

My love of dance started at age four, when I went to ballet classes three times a week until aged fifteen. Then I went on to explore contemporary dance and was choregraphing and teaching dance to children. Over the years I have also enjoyed jazz dance, salsa dance, tap dance, five rhythms and biodanza. I could never stop moving and dancing, until a back injury in 2002. This had an enormous impact on both my physical and mental wellbeing which took many years to heal, and continues to be an ongoing process.

I had no option but to stop, to listen to my body, and be patient. I began to explore healing arts. This began with the Alexander technique which helped with posture and alignment. I explored the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais which helped me to sense my body and tune into somatic experiences. I then moved onto Scaravelli yoga which helped with spinal movements, and flexibility. As a Psychologist I also trained in Mindfulness and took a specialist training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural therapy. I learnt mindful responses to pain, and enjoyed movement meditation similar to tai chi.

Over the years I was desperate to return to dancing again but needed something non-impact which was beneficial to my body. Luckily, I discovered Nia at my yoga studio in 2007, which made me feel like I was coming alive again. My body was being moved by the music and every movement felt natural and pain free. It was non – impact and was movement medicine for my joints and muscles. I felt relaxed but most importantly it was a lot of fun!

Nia is based on 52 moves, and draws on moves from the dance arts, healing arts and martial arts. The dance arts (modern, jazz and Duncan dance) took me back to a place in childhood where I loved to dance freely as well as follow choreographed steps. The powerful strong martial arts moves drawn from aikido, taekwondo and tail chi have helped build my core strength and balance my energy levels. I have also integrated the healing arts (Alexander technique, Feldenkrais and yoga) and increased my body awareness. It is for all ages and abilities as there are three different levels of intensity.

When I moved back to my home town of Glasgow in 2014 there were no Nia classes in the area. I was determined to share this amazing movement medicine as it has been so beneficial for me. I was fortunate to attend a workshop in Edinburgh with the founder of the Nia technique, Debbie Rosas. I met so many inspiring Nia teachers who encouraged me to take my white belt training to become a licensed teacher in 2016 with international Nia trainers. I then took my blue belt and also specialist Moving to Heal training in 2017. As a Nia teacher I love to share my passion with others, and lead them in this beautiful practice. I hope you will join me and step into this magical place of music and movement.

For more information, see my facebook page – Nia Movement and Dance Glasgow.



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Nia Dance with Jo Livingstone

Holiday Dates

Mon, 18 Mar 2019 to Sat, 23 Mar 2019

 Location and Venue

Location: La Magdalena, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

More information about the location >

Venue: Tara Casa


WeighLess4Life was one of the best things I have ever done. Not only did I lose 1.5 inches from my waist during my weeks stay but I have returned home with a new perspective on life.

Jackie London - 23rd May to 30th May 2011

Viv & Dan, thank you so much for your welcoming hospitality, I have never enjoyed doing nothing quite so much. It has been a wonderfully relaxing week, giving me time with my mind in a safe and supportive environment.

Holly and the Bump - Sat 16th to 23rd April 2011


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