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Mosaic Commissions by Mosaicman

Dan Rust has been working on mosaic commissions and teaching now for over 10years and completed hundreds of mosaics. Everything from medieval craft markets, restaurant sign writing, swimming pools, apartment blocks, secret presents for husbands and wives to teaching hundreds of students and fulfilling their dreams of creating a piece of artwork to be prod of.

mosaic commissions                mosaic commissions



Mosaic Commissions are available on request and many people come to Tara Casa to collect the artwork in person and stay for a little holiday at the same time. Mosaic commissions take time and planning so we will always keep in touch with progress and updates as the mosaic commssions develops.

Dog Portrait Mosaics

Capture the essence of your dog in a wonderful mosaic for you to keep forever. Click here to learn more about Dog Portrait Mosaics


Mosaic Art                   mosaic art


Popular Mosaic Commissions


mosaic commissions                                 mosaic commisssions


The majority of mosaic commisssions are mounted on 10mm MDF wood which is treated with an oil based paint to protect against moisture. We can also supply mosaics mounted on sterling board which is much more hardened to the elements especially for the UK. The mosaics are made from 3mm mosaic glass and comes in the full spectrum of colours. Also available for mosaic commissions are specialist glass such as gold, silver, coloured mirror and irredescent glass.


Animal Mosaics

Mosaic Commisssions can also be fixed in place with grout & cement providing a permanent piece of artwork so please enquire about this process and the possibilities

               mosaic commissions


mosaic art



OM Mosaic Commissions

mosaic commissions

OM mosaic 40cm x 40cm      


Club & Organisation Logos


mosaic commissions

Man Utd Mosaic 40cm x50 cm 

There is more mosaics commissuions shown here on the FlickR page, have a look.  Otherwise you can come to Tara Casa and make a mosaic yourself under Dan´s expert tuition. The mosaics can take anything from one day upto many days to complete but you´ll be delighted with the completed artwork.


mosaic commissions

mosaic commissions

Dan is happy to discuss your requirements, budget and delivery costs and please feel free to email me any questions

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Mosaic Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits capture the love for your pet in glass mounted on wood. The size of the mosaic is 26cm width x 40cm height and 18mm in thickness. The glass is fixed with adhesive directly onto the wood and grouted with a medium to dark grey grout. This is the best colour to tie the tone of the mosaic together and create a wonderful depth and clarity. The mosaics are suitable for interiors only and will last a lifetime. The wood is treated with an oil based black paint and fixings for hanging are provided. The pet portrait mosaics weigh 1.5kg once complete so very lightweight for postage and packaging.

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