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Join us for a fabulous mosaic making week which will cover the two main methods, direct and indirect. 

You will make a great mosaic to take home on wood and focus on the finer work of mosaic. You will learn about colour tone and the bordering and laying the glass in the traditional Roman method. This will be approx 25cm x 30cm in size and we will spend 3 days on this project. 

For the indirect method we will work as a group to produce a simple mosaic design on mesh. You will then learn how to uinstall the mosaic with cement to a permanent location and finishing. This is over 2 days, leaving a day or two to explore Cartagena and relax. 


This week is limited to 6 guests and is fully inclusive of accommodation, meals and mosaic materials for 695pounds per person.

If you wish to attend just the first or second half of this holiday or wish to attend as non residential please let me know on info@taracasa.com 


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Mosaic Week – Direct & Indirect Method

Holiday Dates

Sun, 13 Oct 2019 to Sun, 20 Oct 2019

 Location and Venue

Location: Tara Casa

More information about the location >

Venue: Tara Casa, Art Centre, Cartagnena, Murcia, Spain


Thanks so much for all your gorgeous food and everything you have done for us during our stay. Hope you enjoy the rest after we kept you so busy these last 2 weeks!!

Kate - October 2010

I had a wonderful time at Tara´s Retreat, very relaxing and had some fabulous Pilates sessions. Dan and Vivienne are very welcoming hosts.

Nadia - April 2011


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