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Featured in Coloured Pencil Magazine, Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, Joe.ie, Her.ie, Independent.ie, Spin FM, SportsJOE, Balls.ie and more…

Dave comes from Enniscorthy, County Wexford and has gained critical acclaim worldwide for his hyper-realistic portraits & online viral videos. Dave has portrayed Irish legends Paul O’Connell, Katie Taylor, actress Claire Skinner and Olympian Dame Mary Peters, among many others. Most recently he was invited by Sky Arts to bring his unusual method to their acclaimed show “Portrait Artist Of The Year”. Dave has been featured in countless publications such as Coloured Pencil Magazine (USA) and JOE.ie


Dave works in a variety of traditional media from oils to street art but will be using his trademark “colour layering” technique for this workshop, a technique invented and perfected by Dave over the years which creates complex colours and a hyper-realistic skin-tone effect ideal for portraiture but very useful across all subjects and many different media. This course focuses on creating a photo-realistic human face. Pre-sketched faces will be supplied for participants with little drawing experience to enable them to focus on developing the colouring techniques without being hindered by any lack of life-drawing ability. This course is suited to artists of all skill levels as Dave takes great care to spend time with each student individually where needed.



Students work in recent workshops


Course Details:

  1. Getting familiar with coloured pencils.

Basic exercises, creating gradients, layering colours, pencil movements

  1. Analysing the subjects face.

Topics include: Anatomy, “cloud-watching technique”, “the thatcher effect”, female vs male comparisons, skin tones, etc.

  1. Applying colour to the eyes and building up facial shapes with light and dark tones.
  2. Blending techniques (blenders, solvents, smudgers etc)
  1. Building up complex colour and realistic texture using a variety of pencil movements.
  1. Creating the lips, nose, ears and other features
  2. Adding details to the skin for added realism (small hairs, freckles, blood vessels etc.)
  3. Drawing Hair using pigment, metallics, and erasers
  4. Choosing a background
  5. Cropping and framing


This holiday costs 740 pounds per person, there is a 10% discount for any bookings made before the 1st August 2019. Only 6 places available!

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Realism Portrait Workshop – Dave Duffy

Holiday Dates

Sat, 26 Oct 2019 to Sat, 02 Nov 2019

 Location and Venue

Location: Tara Casa

More information about the location >

Venue: Tara Casa, Art Centre, Cartagnena, Murcia, Spain


What can I say – great food, beautiful setting and fantastic Pilates, the only thing missing was the sun but you can’t control that!

Claire - April 2011

I had a wonderful time at Tara´s Retreat, very relaxing and had some fabulous Pilates sessions. Dan and Vivienne are very welcoming hosts.

Nadia - April 2011


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