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Pilates & Massage Holiday with Donna Silburn



Hi, my name is Donna Silburn. Let me take you on a journey to discover a healthier, fitter more vibrant you.

With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry I am skilled in teaching a varied client base in and around Sothwest London. I specialise in Pilates, Personal Training, Nutrition and Facelift Massage. In addition to teaching clients in their own homes I also have a room in Mayfair where clients can come to me – convenient for those working in central London.

My clients all vary in age, gender and ability so I always adapt the sessions to suit their specific needs


I qualified in 2005 with the London Centre of Indian Champissage.

This is a gentle non-invasive treatment which produces great results without the need for needles or surgery. This treatment combines the benefits of other tried and tested therapies such as acupressure, lymphatic drainage, energy balancing and head massage.

I work on the clients face with a specialised massage technique using my fingers. The treatment reduces under-eye puffiness and lifts and tones the facial muscles. After a series of treatments there will be a decrease in fine lines and habitual expression lines. The tone of the skin will improve and facial contours will tighten.

The treatment also gives you a feeling of wellbeing as well as balancing and relaxing the body. Any stress related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and insomnia will be relieved.

tel: 07730 420 141

Email: donna.silburn@btinternet.com

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Pilates & Natural Massage Holiday

Holiday Dates

Thu, 21 May 2020 to Mon, 25 May 2020

 Location and Venue

Location: Tara Casa

More information about the location >

Venue: Tara Casa, Art Centre, Cartagnena, Murcia, Spain


Viv & Dan, thank you so much for your welcoming hospitality, I have never enjoyed doing nothing quite so much. It has been a wonderfully relaxing week, giving me time with my mind in a safe and supportive environment.

Holly and the Bump - Sat 16th to 23rd April 2011

Thanks so much for all your gorgeous food and everything you have done for us during our stay. Hope you enjoy the rest after we kept you so busy these last 2 weeks!!

Kate - October 2010


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