Tara Casa History

Tara Casa is a country house set in the quiet village of La Magdalena, just outside of Cartagena,  in the Murcia countryside. The weather here is said by the ‘World Health’ organization to be the healthiest climate in the world. In the winter it is like permanent spring.

The country house used to be the village school back in the day and would have been the hub of this tiny village. At Tara Casa you can sit among the lemon and orange trees in the Mediterranean garden and listen to the sounds of the wind chimes, the birds and feel the gentle mountain breeze.  

For 15 years we have run & hosted holidays for pilates, yoga and mosaic art guests. These have been for individuals and small groups staying, eating and enjoying the surroundings of Tara Casa.

Nia dance

The Retreat house is split into 2 parts, the guest part has a private lounge, kitchenette, courtyard, therapy room and the bedrooms. Viv and Dan live in the other half of the house with their rescue dogs and are on hand to help, give local advice and make sure your holiday runs smoothly.

Along the way we have also collected rescue dogs which are now older, quieter, well behaved and loved by the guests especially for the free strokes. The dog´s aren´t allowed in the guest living areas and have their own garden at the back of the property. However if you aren´t a dog lover or have strong allergic reactions to dogs Tara Casa probably isn´t the holiday for you.

We now offer short stay accommodation, set price holidays, self catering and food options to long term rental for quiet relaxing holidays. We hope you will come and enjoy our home in a safe, sunny environment and enjoy the unspoilt attractions that Murcia, Spain has to offer.

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