Optional Extras

With over 14years experience we can offer some attractive extras to make your holiday even more special. These are provided on site but are subject to availability, so please enquire as early as possible.

Mosaic Making Classes

Mosaic Making course. This is 5/6 hours spread over your stay and under the guidance of Dan you will make a mosaic to take home with you approx. 20cm x 20cm. No artistic skills required!. This is 50 euros inc. all materials.

Special Dinners

Over the last 14 years we have refined many dishes which we are happy to provide to guests as a dining experience at Tara Casa. Dinners are from 15 Euros per person & the classic Spanish paella with a glass of cava is available for 60 euros and feeds 6 guests.


If you are a keen golfer then we have quite a few courses within 30mins of Tara Casa. Dan, a keen golfer can arrange a game, clubs & transport for approx. 60 – 80 euros

Massage & Therapies

We have a couple of great masseurs locally to Tara Casa. We are happy to arrange a massage in our quiet massage room with a local professional. On average a full body massage costs around 50 Euros.

Yoga Classes

We also have some talented yoga teachers who speak English and Spanish and can offer a hour yoga session from 30 euros, depending on numbers and availability.

We have do rescue dogs on site, for over 4 years Viv set up a charity and rescued hundreds of dogs from the area, and we also homed a few ourselves from around our village. All our dogs are friendly, have their own grounds and are available for strokes on request. Perhaps if you have strong allergies or a fear of dogs Tara Casa may not be the place for you. Please feel free to ask any doggie concerns before booking.

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