Walking & Fitness Holidays

Daily pilates and walks in the countryside. Healthy dinner in the evening. Morning smoothies. Breakfast/brunch

Spaces for 10 people 4 doubles and 2 singles.




Suitable for a beginner/intermediate level of fitness. Back issues, or any physical limitations should be fine, as long as approved by your Doctor. If you have concerns, or are nor sure, please contact with your questions. Dog friendly individuals will prefer this retreat as there are a few elderly rescue dogs.  The walks will be for enjoyment and general fitness, so although not power walking, it will not be a stroll. you can enjoy the views, the countryside, the wildlife and chat with your companions but at a level, to maintain or increase fitness levels. 

Two walks a day, at a different pace,. No obligation to join, you can relax by the pool, or maybe learn how to make a mosaic.


Pilates will be one hour mat session per day. The exercises will be tailored for anyone with osteoporosis or any limiting conditions but also for normal healthy individuals who want to increase their fitness and tone major muscle groups.  Not suitable for complete new beginners to exercise but its not necessary to have experience of Pilates. The exercises will be safe and effective by an experienced, qualified instructor, trained with the body control pilates association  and trained to teach exercises for osteoporosis and general spine and joint conditions.



Whether you have OP, or just want to keep the density and strength in your bones, as you get older, the classes will be ideal. It’s important if you have had any diagnosis of bone loss or injury, to make sure your health provider approves your plans to exercise. 

The holiday activities of walking and Pilates are included. Extras such as massage and mosaic making, will be excluded in the price.

Vivienne your instructor has many years of experience of teaching and has recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome. Due to lack of exercise during that period, her osteoporosis worsened, (it was originally brought on by breast cancer treatment.) Her own journey back to fitness and strength, was with great determination  and helped by her knowledge of exercise. Now she feels in a better place than ever and in her mid 60’s.





Early bird spaces available.

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