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The Castillitos Battery – 25 mins from Tara Casa



The Castillitos Battery , also known as C-1 , is a coastal artillery support fortification located at Cabo Tiñoso , within the municipality of Cartagena ( Region of Murcia – Spain ) and more specifically in the Perín deputation . It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest on August 7 , 1997 .

The battery was built and equipped with artillery between 1933 and 1936 as projected in 1926 , during the program to provide a defensive belt to the strategic Cartagena square by the Primo de Rivera dictatorship . Castillitos was equipped with two coastal guns from the British company Vickers-Armstrong , model 38.1/45 cm (fifteen inches ). These pieces were powerful enough to fire a projectile weighing almost one ton at 35 kilometers. 



Its job was to protect the entrance to the bay of Cartagena along with its twin, the Battery of Ashes located at Cape Negrete, in a crossfire that prevented the entry of hostile elements. 1 During the Spanish civil war, it carried out a discharge against the fleet of the rebel side in April 1937 , although the presence of the fortifications that surrounded the city was enough to keep any enemy ship away. 


After the war was over, in 1942 a new firing direction was added and support was studied with strategically placed rangefinders and graphometers , although it was finally abandoned. It remained in service until 1994 , when the NORTH Plan was applied , which sought to make better use of the resources of the Armed Forces . 2 Since then the battery was abandoned and the victim of progressive deterioration, with its cannons unusable, until in 2009 the Ministry of the Environment decided to make an investment with which the fortification was restored and made visitable. 

Castillitos is located at a height of 250 meters, and its façade was built imitating a medieval castle , following a historicist style with influences from eclecticism and modernism , currents in vogue at that time. 1 The architecture of the battery tends to hide itself by digging into the mountain or imitating the texture of the rock to prevent its vision from a distance. Once inside the complex, each artillery piece has a machine room, gunpowder and spare parts stores, and a loading chamber. 


Circuito de Cartagena – 15mins from Tara Casa


Circuito de Cartagena is a racetrack that is located on the road to La Aljorra , in the vicinity of Cartagena , in the autonomous community of Murcia , Spain . It is the circuit that hosts the most hours of training and competition in all of Spain , due to its strategic location and the good weather in the area. In addition, due to their equipment, they are held in both national and international competitions. 

Its facilities were recently renovated to provide them with greater modernity and spaciousness. Since summer 2009It is possible to shoot without natural light, with a variable lighting system along the entire main track, so that it is not necessary for the vehicles to have their own lighting systems.


Ciudad Encantada de Bolnuevo – 25mins from Tara Casa



Las Gredas de Bolnuevo, also called Ciudad Encantada (enchanted city), are heavily eroded sandstone formations along the beach of Bolnuevo, Murcia, Spain. The sandstone shapes are sculpted by water and wind over thousands of years and are considered as a monument of natural interest.

The Ciudad Encantada is formed by clay (gredas). The yellowish color is caused by the large amount of sand contained in the clay. Furthermore, the clay consists of microfossils that date from the Pliocene period, about 4.5 million years ago. The sandstone has undergone an erosion process by the elements which resulted in mushroom and almost vertical shapes that seem to defy the laws of the gravity.


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