Being a light house by Marion Howells

When I lived in the UK I had a wonderful spiritual teacher – Marion Howells.

Marion’s regular groups kept me feeling strong, through my weakest moments and I have to say that through her and the wonderful support I had, and what I learnt, was instrumental in getting me to where I am today.

I will always be grateful to Marion for this and am happy that I can still maintain contact and hear the wise words that she still sends out through her website and regular updates. I was recently struck by how appropriate Marion’s latest message was. So I would like to share and quote a little of this message from the Living Gracefully club.

Mentioning a recent article in the Daily telegraph ‘Anxiety a modern malaise, the nation is at the end of it’s tether’. The article mentions that modern technology, with it’s ability to bombard us with messages 24/7, has rendered many people unable to switch off. (We see this all the time at Tara Casa, guests arriving and feeling stressed by their jobs and their lives, we say everyone needs a regular dose of retreating away from it all for their health and wellbeing).

Marion goes on to say there are a great number of people in our communities who are searching for another way of being, and the stronger and more centred we are as we hold our own frequencies, the more we can help others to do the same.

Marion likens us to a lighthouse, fixed on the edge of a rocky shore, simply radiating out a beam of light to guide anyone in the vicinity to the safety of the harbour. It doesn’t move out into the sea or change position trying to attract attention, it just stays centred, patiently waiting, knowing all it needs to to do is tend to the light.

To be a lighthouse like this we need to take good care of ourselves.

For more information about Marion Howells and The Living Gracefully Club please click here

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