Happy New Year and a few tips on developing inner peace for 2017

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Reflecting on 2016

On reflection, as one does at this time of the year, I realised through the news and social media posts from friends and acquaintances, what a difficult year we all feel we have had in 2016. The news around the world, politically, wars and terrorist attacks and for many individuals life has taken some curveballs. Many loved celebrities passed away, and for us a special family member.

Let 2016 be over

Comments such as ‘come on 2017, let’s get the last year over’ were all over social media on New Year ’s Eve. The trouble is there is nothing to say 2017 will be any better, who knows?  It’s bound to carry trials and tribulations

Strategy to overcome challenges

So what if we had a step by step strategy to cope better with the challenges?  After all its not the problem that affects us but how we react to it; our thoughts and reactions create chemicals in our body, that creates feelings and sensations that can literally hurt in our bodies and at worse make us ill.

 So here is some idea on how to change the way we react and get more inner peace.


  • Sleep

Yoga_ pilates_holidays

Make sure you have 8 hours sleep, prepare yourself before bed, a warm, (no caffeine) drink, don’t watch TV before bedtime and definitely nothing stimulating. Don’t exercise before bed. Have your meal 4 hours before, so your digestive system is at rest. Eat healthy foods and cut out sugars.

Prepare your room for sleep

Make sure your room is dark, quiet, airy and peaceful; light a lavender candle just before bedtime. Make sure you are not too warm, or too cold. Lie straight and comfortable in your bed, with enough support under your head, so your chin is not tilted towards the chest but in line with your spine and neck. Rest your arms by your side and take deep breaths, slowly and easily, you will soon fall asleep. If you suffer from insomnia try a sleep hypnosis or meditation tape.

  • Set an intention

Mentally repeat it each night before you go to sleep and in the morning when you wake.  It needs to be short, concise and meaningful, as though it has already happened. For example it could be, ‘I am perfect health’, or,’ I have inner peace’. Either way set an intention for inner peace on a daily basis and avoid conflict that may disturb that goal. If it’s hard, than take a step back and put space between yourself and the conflict, give time to reflect. It will never seem so bad when we give time and space to it and often reaction only fans the flame.

  • Meditation and exercise

If you’ve never practised meditation try it but keep an open mind, it takes practice and patience. Gentle exercise such as Yoga, can calm you and help that peaceful feeling, plus there are many health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, and a more flexible less achy body.

  •  Change your thoughts

Do it consciously; notice your thoughts and as soon as you find yourself with negative thinking, or feelings of fear, anger, or judgement, change that thought and really work on it; you will be surprised at how it changes your feelings.

  • Focus on what you want, and what you don’t want

A really good way to discover what you want in your life is to write a list of the things in your life that you don’t want. Then work out how to change them, or even eliminate them. If you have a heart’s desire, follow it, don’t be afraid of the change, change is the biggest fear for humans, but once it’s done you will never look back.

  • Be kind to others and animals

Especially those that you love, tell them often. Life is unexpected, we want to live it with no regrets, and we don’t want to leave life, with those behind, hurting because of what was never said.

  • Keep it light

Have fun, laugh, be happy, dance, adopt a companion dog – if your circumstances are right, you cannot imagine the peace and joy they bring. But you do whatever gives you inner peace and happiness personally….

All the best for 2017

*For anyone suffering from serious insomnia, stress or depression, this advice is complimentary to proper medical care and advice.  Always consult your medical practitioner*

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