The garden of Chimes at Tara Casa

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‘The garden of chimes’ is a place to unwind, so be seated and listen, feel the magic in each flower and tree, sit and rest through the flow of the mountain breeze.

This place to wonder has serenity, you will feel no worry or fret as you just sit silent and BE.

Orange and lemon trees in blossom, Mediterranean flowers and abundant lavender will surround you with their colour, scent and life.

Birds and butterflies will lift your awareness as the sounds melt in your mind with a gentle sigh.

The Buddha tree will speak in the centre of view, he resonates a sound, like a chime ‘live life anew’

This tiny piece of heaven – a place to escape, will lift you higher and higher far from the race, and then a deep sense of knowing unravels, reveals, that is deeper than the ‘self’ a feeling that heals.

A sense of whatever… it doesn’t matter what life brings, as the power is gained and the wind chime sings. A wind chime mind is a force, a gift, that has the ability to face the world and know how to live.

In this garden of peace you can stop and feel the space between thoughts, that mental clarity you thought was lost, returns once more – here in the garden of dreams and stillness.

The wind chimes soon will be all that you hear, they will whisper quietly ‘release all worry and fear’.

So when you leave this wind chime place, balanced, restored to return at your pace, you will have a different perspective… no futility, nothing to score, just happiness and lightness, of that BE sure….

By Viv Wharton

I was inspired to write this poem when one of our returning guests commented on how she loved the sound of wind chimes and whenever heard, thinks of our lovely garden at Tara Casa…

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