Photography course – Murcia – Rural Spain

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Photo beyond the retreat gate

What a fabulous combination and what better place than here to practice your photography skills and learn more about the subject?

Surrounded and bursting with colour, and light, the shadows changing throughout the day, mountains, birds and natural shores – you could be taking pictures tirelessly every minute of the day. The coastline not far away in Bolneuvo, is nicknamed the Cornwall of Spain.  Amazing rock formations there and the backdrops stunning, the azure blue sea and constant sunshine makes it a very appealing location to photograph.

Mediterranean flowers are everywhere, if you are a photography enthusiast just a local meander in the fields, gives you ample focus and enjoyment, as you will never be short of something you want to photograph.  The sparkling seas and happy people along the beaches and seaside Towns, just snapping the world go by is a fun focus and will motivate your natural creativity.

Not forgetting of course the wonderful City of Cartagena, with its magnificent architecture and sites, so unique, steeped in its historical past with ruins such as the Roman amphitheatre and the castle.

If you want a real experience of natural Spain, to spend time taking photographs, relaxing and eating good healthy food, then an added bonus for you will be Martin Edwards; a warm, very experienced and successful professional photography tutor, who will be conducting the course and taking you through everything you are looking for to take your enthusiasm to the next level.  He will help to give you knowledge to add to your creativity, you will learn new skills and technical ability to bring out the very best in your photography talents and your camera.

As the host of the retreat, I confess to wanting to improve my own photography skills.  I have long been intrigued by others photos and how they capture those special moments, with the colour, light and the shadows so perfect.  The surrounding beauty here was the catalyst for my interest and as I cannot even give myself the credit of an amateur photographer, just a wannabe – I would love to be able to take photos and do justice to my surroundings, in showing others how stunningly beautiful it is here.

When I discovered Martin Edwards was interested in coming here to do a course, I was overwhelmed with excitement and cannot wait until September.  I hope those of you with an interest have cameras poised and are ready to join us.

Everything you want is right here, a unique and fully inclusive relaxing holiday and photography course combined.

For more information about Martin Edwards, the course and what is included, plus the itinerary of the course, check out here. Or email

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