A tiny skinny rescue dog

It’s been so long since I’ve written in my blog. I used to be a prolific writer; poems, stories; I’ve started about five books but somehow never had the confidence to continue. So, when life happens, your confidence can often drop lower, especially when sad or difficult things happen, which was the theme for the end of 2018. One week ago, Dan and I had a little angel enter our lives and the retreat and it was much needed, we think this little angel was sent by the universe to help us. It certainly has, as motivation and positivity is on the up again.

Tara, a tiny skinny rescue dog

So, believe it or not, it’s all down to a tiny skinny dog from a pound in Spain. She was freezing cold when temperatures reached minus 8 degrees. My good friend and fellow rescuer Angie Mccready (you can find her on Facebook), managed to get her out. Angie is the people’s hero and angel of animal rescue. I’ve known her for many years and she has rescued hundreds of dogs and never says no to a pregnant dog, or mum and pups, vulnerable ones, of which there are many in Spain, on the streets, abandoned and in the pounds.

Last year our little Bambi, rescued from the village, (some of you will have met her), the retreat darling and therapy dog, developed nasal cancer. On top of that our beautiful rescue Hannah, who had an autoimmune disease, had also developed cancer. Within three months we lost Hannah, Bambi and then our old girl Nina just two weeks after Bambi. Nina and Bambi were an integral part of our retreat home and Dan and I were broken hearted. People may say they are just dogs but to us these were our family and part of the reason I became involved in rescue. Grief has to take its course, we would never try to replace those special dogs but when I noticed my friend Angie had rescued a little skinny dog from the pound and she looked like Bambi, my heart leaped, I could not believe it. Angie mentioned in a video call how sweet she was and how much she thought Dan and I would love her, when we saw her on there, we both nodded, with tears in our eyes and she was on her way.

Since we came to Spain I’ve only ever rescued and never chosen a dog to adopt before, hence we ended up with a little sanctuary of dogs that could not be rehomed because of illness or anxiety related issues. Our new little dog has the sweetest, kindest energy, there is a stillness about her, we named her Tara. She is perfect and is a soul mender for us. Nothing had been the same since we lost Bambi and the others. Now Tara is here and has lit up our faces and lives for the first time in months. Accepted by the gang, adored already by scatty Benjy, who was Bambi’s best friend, we feel the black cloud has lifted.

If you are lonely, looking to mend a broken heart, needing a loyal non-judgmental friend, or wanting to get healthier, I can highly recommend a dog, a dog that needs you, a rescued dog.

Dan and I know that everyone isn’t a crazy dog lover, so just to reassure those of you that would like to visit and are worried about dogs, that they do have their own spaces and area and will not bother guests, unless requested to meet them.

Risi ‘the lavender girl’

Meet Risi here, nicknamed ‘the lavender girl’, a three year old Spanish Mastin who loves to play in the Lavender in our garden, she is looking for a forever home. She is here to rehabilitate after surgery to her leg. She came from the streets to a cold Spanish rescue shelter and is only with us for a short time before possibly having to return to the shelter.

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