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Lose Weight – A positive experience


lose weight
lose weight in a positive way

Lose weight and gain so much positive wellbeing. I have been running my holistic weight loss course for 8 years now – WeighLess4life.

I was inspired many years ago to get involved in the weight loss industry. As a teacher of exercise and dance, it had such huge benefits but I was aware of how many people could not, or would not attend classes because of weight issues. Either they were uncomfortable exercising, or they had poor body image and therefore didn’t want to be in a class situation. So, I became a Rosemary Conley teacher, which involved gentle exercise, unlike other slimming clubs and groups, who mainly focused on the diet.

One of the classes I ran had around 60 to 70 people in and I ran the class in a big centre. The dieters would queue up to be weighed and then I would jump up on to the stage and take them through their routines – the latter was the part of it that I loved. The weighing section was a total nightmare for me and it seemed them too, unless of course they had had a substantial drop in weight and then they would be ecstatic – but they had gained weight, or stayed the same, there could be tears, stamping feet and accusing my scales of being wrong this week – questions like, when did I last get them calibrated, or the diet doesn’t work, it was my Birthday, anniversary, Husband’s birthday, the excuses were never ending.  Then suddenly the failed dieters would no longer come and I would worry for them…to be honest it was a nightmare and I hated every moment of those weighing sessions. One of the observations I made, was that some people were deeply psychologically affected by their dieting issues – many didn’t even need to lose weight – issues were often not related to their weight but were pinned on their need to have the right body.

So, over the years with experiences of my own, counselling courses, sports nutrition courses and self-study of nutrition for my own benefit after cancer and a subsequent diagnosis of Osteoporosis, I learnt a lot about what could work better for long term weight loss. The first thing that went out of the window was the scales and in came the tape measure, a much more effective way of monitoring how the body is improving. More focus on health issues, healthy natural foods, reasons why the focus is on food and thus encouraging changing habits BUT most of all the Exercise – that’s the hard work bit. Everyone loves an easy and quick answer but there isn’t one – Simple, it takes discipline, planning to fit sessions in, and commitment to change. So, having the opportunity to be in a relaxing retreat, totally focussed and totally nurtured, is a great opportunity to look at issues, get the motivation and gain a better understanding of what foods suit your body, what exercise is best for you and how relaxation promotes better health and therefore in turn, a more natural weight loss can ensue and a better, healthier mind-set around the subject.

Fad diets, yo yo dieting doesn’t work long term. Many people who have for a long time attempted to lose weight and not been successful, may need to accept that they are not going to have the same body they had when they were teenagers, or in their 20’s but they could look really good with a change of body shape and a healthier diet could make them feel better. So with this weight loss course, you can guarantee a better shape and slimmer waist in your weeks stay with the excellent Pilates core work exercises, your exercise regime is specifically tailored and your meals will keep hunger at bay. Your spirits will be lifted in a relaxing environment and you have a good plan to go away with.

No unreasonable goal setting, no pressure, just an easy, calm and peaceful look at how to improve your health and body shape for life. Lose weight for life.


Viv Wharton

qualified Pilates and Yoga instructor

weight loss advisor


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