Deal with stress and depression

Deal with stress and depression


deal with stress

Deal with stress and depression. Everyone at some stage in their lives will go through a period of stress and/or depression. It might be due to a life event, or overwork, or for no obvious reason. Most will work through it but some struggle to cope with this low period and if it is accompanied and caused by a life event, it will often be difficult to cope with everyday life.

The effects can take a toll physically, causing tiredness, aches and pains, low immunity to illnesses, such as colds and flu, sleepless nights, increased or decreased appetite and many other physical problems that make us feel uncomfortable. The mental effects include loss of confidence, low self-esteem and difficulties with relationships and communicating in general, apathy about things that usually motivate and excite us and a general feeling of flatness.

 Deal with stress and depression. If stress or depression is affecting life in a very debilitating way then professional help should be sought.

There are things you can do that will help; it’s just getting the motivation to do them when at such a low ebb. So, what simple steps can we take to help ourselves that don’t require too much effort?

Here are a few tips that are virtually effortless and should help to lift your body and spirit. Once lifted its much easier to take control of the situation and start to get back on an even keel and tackle the causes that created this state.


  • Breathe. Never underestimate the power of focussing on the breath, as it’s an effective way to reduce stress; simply by breathing in slowly and deeply and extending the outbreath, it will calm the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and slow down mental agitation; breathe in for a count of 4 and exhale for 6, once you have mastered this, increase to inhale for 6 and exhale for 8. Do this regularly, especially if you wake up in the night feeling anxious.


  •  Get as much sunshine as possible

deal with stress


  • Reduce or eliminate stimulants such as coffee and alcohol


  • Eat plenty of fresh foods and vegetables and if appetite is lost, try smoothies and juices

deal with stress



  • Invest in a journal and write down your feelings, speak to yourself and ask yourself what will help to make you feel better? Write down those thoughts, you will be surprised at how speaking to yourself can often help…you have the answers within and by asking yourself in quiet times, the answers will often rise to the surface.

deal with stress


  • Walk, do gentle stretching, exercise in some way, so that you focus your attention on your physical body and that allows you to spend time in the present, instead of worrying about past events, or the future which hasn’t happened yet.

deal with stress

  • Find a yoga teacher, especially restorative yoga, as this is very beneficial for those times when your energy is at its lowest.
deal with stress
Yoga Holidays


  • Do nothing, think nothing, just be aware, listen, to music and calming sounds, light a candle, or use some lavender or aromatherapy oils. Give yourself a gentle facial and head massage.


  • Have an affirmation to encourage and help you and repeat many times until you feel your spirits lift, for example; ‘I’m happy and bright and everything’s right, Im healthy and strong all day long’.


If you try one or all of these things it will definitely help, but remember in most cases, stress and depression is a temporary state and will usually pass, so acceptance helps too.

Find time for yourself, love yourself and know that you are special. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others.



Deal with stress and depression. THE DAY IS FOR YOU


When you were born into this world you were given no knowledge or fear.

One thing is for sure that you will never know

God has decided how many days you’ll be here.

So you will learn through time all about life

And every day there will be something new,

It might be good and it might be bad

But there is a message that some day will come through.

So it is important now to take each day, be kind to everyone

But especially YOU!


Yesterday has gone and cannot be brought back,

You won’t be able to change what went on.

But today is here and is yours to say, how best it will be used.

You might rest, you might laugh, you might play, you might graft

It doesn’t matter if it’s good what you do.

Just remember it is part of your allocated time and it is special and precious for YOU!


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