Making mosaics has become irresistible to Viv

I recently wrote about starting to enjoy mosaic making, well its quite handy to do something that your partner is expert at, as I have the best teacher on hand!! What a shame Dan isn’t so keen on Yoga and Pilates!

During the quiet Winter months I thought I would try my hand at improving it, just to see whether I could be an assistant to Dan rather than a student.  So far I’m quite pleased with the results and I seem to have quite a different style to Dan. I enjoy creating more ethereal mosaics. My favorite subjects are evolving and so far, wolves, flowers, fairies and all things magic, are what I enjoy most. Once I start, I cant leave it alone and needing Dan’s input less and less. He hovers over me quite a lot but does leave me to make my mistakes. He is so encouraging and at various stages I take a photo of the work in progress and I can see my mistakes and correct them.

Gone are the days when I would cut big chunks of glass and stick them down, to make what I thought was a pattern, as quickly as possible. I was too impatient too spend time and wanted to see my creation finished and grouted, as quickly as possible; typical Aries trait, which I’m learning to control, or perhaps its that magic age of 60 years old, finally teaching me more perseverance and calm.  Mosaics is certainly a serene and peaceful activity and takes a lot of concentration.  The benefits of making something, completing it and feeling satisfied with it, are good for the soul.

I now even have a bit of a gallery coming on…

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