My mosaic experience

My mosaic experience


I would like to share my absolute Joy at being able to produce and complete a mosaic that I feel really proud of.

As some of our past guests know, Dan and I met through his mosaic work. I had just started to plan retreats at Tara Casa, nearly 10 years ago now and I wanted a beautiful mosaic for the entrance to the house


I met Dan at a craft fair and bought some of his work for the house. There and then I knew he was the man that would create a perfect entrance piece and he sure did! A few months later Dan came to the house and we planned the Tara Mosaic.


mosaic experience

 There was so much space here and a studio for his work, that I asked him to come and stay and help me take care of the house and look after Molly and Nina, (my first rescue dogs). It was great, I trusted Dan from the moment we met and just loved his blue eyes and the way he looked at me, (I didn’t admit that to myself at the time but its true). Six months later my intuition told me this man was my soul mate and we would never part, we were in love, the rest is history.

So why has it taken me all this time to create a decent mosaic, when I live with the ‘Mosaic man’ himself?  Well, I just didn’t have the confidence.  I had played around a bit and made a few disasters.  No confidence was the problem, so I would rush to get it finished, just to produce something.

My Family all artists, what happened to me?  My Brother, Dad, sister, nephew, all amazing artists and work with different mediums. My Mum started painting towards the end of her life and worked with watercolours, her’s were beautiful and I treasure them.  But I could barely draw a matchstick man and was very frustrated with my inability.

So on a week off I decided to try properly, with the help of Dan of course. I had an angel card put aside for ages that I love and I decided to try and create something from that.


mosaic experience


 Dan is very patient; he needs to be I can tell you. Teaching lots of women on the retreat how to mosaic, can be challenging at times, but he loves it and is always humorous and patient.  But me, I’m a different story, as I like to see things finished quickly.

Dan was very good and made me realise that the planning is in the design; he had to help a lot with that. Once started, I did listen to him, I was so determined to make it beautiful and as I wanted it.

Well the finished piece is delightful; I hope you think so too.  It proves that we are all capable of doing something when we really want to.

Making a mosaic is a gentle and rewarding art and I am already working on my next piece.  I can’t wait to finish it…but I will, slowly and with care, thanks to Dan.


mosaic experience

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