Retreat Freedom at Tara Casa

Retreat, A day in the life at Tara Casa

‘Retreat Freedom, just for a day’, that was what one of our lovely guests here for a relaxation day with her friend, had exclaimed upon arriving. The visitor and her friend just wanted a day together to relax, chat and get away from the normal every day things and do something different.

They enjoyed their space and time together and made some lovely and special mosaics. At the end of the day we did a short Angel reading and the ladies chose cards, that not surprisingly, (as the angels always give appropriate messages), gave acknowledgment to their day…the first card chosen by our lady who had exulted in freedom for a day, was indeed the ‘Freedom card’.

Everyone needs some freedom from time to time, even if our lives are full and happy, it is nice to let the brain and the emotions have a new perspective for a short time, just to reflect and relax.

Tara Casa is a great retreat venue for a holiday but people can also come and spend a day just to escape from their normal routine and have a totally relaxing experience.  For more about relaxation days contact and we can set up a bespoke retreat day for you and your Friends.

Retreat Day at Tara Casa”

I spent a lovely relaxing day here with my friend, which was a treat for her birthday. We were welcomed to the sound of relaxing music playing and the ambiance surrounded us as soon as we walked through the gate. A delicious fruit smoothie was enjoyed to boost our energy. We enjoyed Pilates and Yoga, which was very professionally explained and demonstrated, and we felt very comfortable. We were then taken to begin our mosaic class and the techniques and skills were very well explained. We stopped for a break and a lovely lunch, then had the option to relax, swim in the pool or just do what we wanted before continuing with our mosaic’s. A relaxation wind down in the Pilates studio and then we left with a wonderful feeling of well-being, and our mosaics, which we are very proud of. A truly relaxing day in the Spanish sunshine, and look forward to doing the same next time my friend comes to visit .

Room Tip: Nice room at the back with large en suite overlooking the jacuzzi

We have lots of different retreat options and activities. During the summer months you may just want to lay by the pool and appreciate the retreat surroundngs. The retreat is located in the heart of Murcia making us very close to the beach, the city of Cartagena and the mountains of the Sierra Espuna. Many of our guests, singles holidays and groups just want to stay in and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.



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