Tile: Mosaic Holidays

Tile: Mosaic Making Holidays

Tile or mosiac tiles were created by the Romans to build works of art that would last for hundreds of years. Today the art of mosaics has moved on and here at Tara Casa we use both glass and tile to create works of art for guests to take home and keep forever. During your stay we will start with the design process onto a piece of MDF wood. The deisgn for your mosaic tile needs to be simple and easy to identify. Whether you are a beginner or professional cutting tile and glass means small mosaics can be tricky at the best of times.

Once the design is complete and inked in we run through the cutting and laying process which is fairly simple and you are then ready to create. The hours pass by quickly as you become engrossed in cutting and shaping the glass tile. We a little guidance you will complete the design with even spaced pieces and all minor corrections made. The grouting is again straight forward and brings all your hard work into focus, and bring the artwork together.

After this the vast majority of guests are really pleased with their creation and can´t wait to pack it up and get it home to show their famillies. Happy days at Tara Casa.





We´ve had some great mosaics created here at Tara Casa recently and especially Lesley and her wonderful dragonfly. The process is quite simple, draw your design onto the board, and block in with glass tile pieces. Simple!. The art of mosaics is learning the techniques to cut the glass or tile accurately and to always consider the tone of the glass and the clarity of the design. There are no short cuts to mosaics but its the time and patience spent which is rewarded in the end with a wonderful piece of artwork to treasure forever.

If you are interested in a relaxing holiday at Tara Casa cutting mosaic tile and making artwork, learning about pilates, pilates reformer or yoga poses and yoga for beginners then follow through to the relevant pages or contact us with any questions.



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