Singles Holidays at Tara Casa for Yoga, Pilates and relaxation?


Singles Holidays at Tara casa

When a new guest arrives on a singles holidays I always ask guests when they arrive on a singles holidays what they would like to gain from their stay. Groups arriving with their teacher/facilitator already have their aims and goals in mind but often the solo traveller knows they want to achieve something from singles holidays; so it is nice to be able to find out and assist with their expectations.

Many visitors come because they need a break from the daily grind, or maybe they want to improve their shape, lose some weight, or improve their yoga practice, or Pilates knowledge.

singles_holidays_Yoga_ pilates_holidays

Good Reasons for singles Holidays

Occasionally guests arrive when they are at a moment in their lives when they are looking for time and space to do some heart-searching, possibly thinking about a job change, a move, or have hit a phase with a partner that is complex and troubling and they need time to think.

 Sometimes they are looking to search for spiritual meaning in their lives and to expand on a new path that they have arrived at.

 Or maybe they are here to check out Spanish rural life in a village and to see local places that are far removed from typical Spanish tourism.

 Not forgetting those that want to explore their creative potential and make a beautiful mosaic piece. Whatever the reason for singles holidays we will always respect their space and give the necessary nurturing and care that one might be looking for during a stay at Tara Casa.

singles_holidays_Yoga_ pilates_holidays

 Guests always feel well looked after and food often plays an important part. When one is both resting and exercising, the focus can be on mealtimes, so it is important that people have the right balance of energy giving and satisfying foods.

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Some of the things we do that make a difference is to give new ideas for healthy recipes and a balanced eating plan. For people attending the classes, I always recommend certain exercises specific to the body type and aims, that are easy to remember and carry out once home; even if only for 5 to 15 minutes, as many struggle with time, in a hectic work and social life.

Learning how to relax is vital and elements of that can be taken away and remembered and practiced, even whilst travelling on a train, or in the middle of a stressful work situation.

All of this is possible; we just have to tap into our resources, and by spending time on a holiday designed for you, will give that opportunity to find out where these resources are within and how to get into a good routine to practise them.

Lastly, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I believe in angels and even non-believers have been surprised at how a simple message through my angel cards can be so appropriate and comforting.


At the end of their stay, the physical and practical results, such as finding an inch lost from the waist line have a tremendous effect on lifting the spirits, or a decision made through having space and time to reflect, is so satisfying to depart with.

We often get letters telling us how a new job resulted, or a new start was initiated by their stay. It’s very rewarding for us and helps us to revel in taking care of every unique and special guest that arrives at our purple gates…

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Viv Wharton


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