Retreat Origins

 Retreat Originsretreat origins

Retreat origins, life at Tara casa has been interesting to say the least. From the beginning learning about running a retreat, starting life with a new and special partner and adapting to life in a rural Spanish village has had many challenges.

Times have been tough, as economically life is not easy here in a Spanish recession and sometimes we wondered if this would be our last year, in fact we always wonder that and never take life here for granted. Realising a dream by default, without preparation but suddenly finding yourself there through a series of circumstances, was never going to be simple and the transition to where we are now and how the house has developed has taken a lot of effort thought and time.

retreat origins
Before the studio

Looking back I didn’t imagine that 10 years later we would still be here and I would be lucky enough to be doing it with my soul mate. What better combination to partner together, a Pilates and Yoga teacher and a mosaic artist, who is also a fabulous cook?



The age gap between us was a big worry at the beginning, with Dan being 18 years younger than me and so maybe too good to last…but I remember one wise guest telling me years ago, how we would grow together and we certainly have.


One resident today, who is here to do Pilates and Yoga, has woken up to sunshine, Pilates, a yummy fresh breakfast and is now lying by the pool in the sunshine reading a book. After class she told me how lucky we were that we were able to open our home and give ourselves and our time to make someone feel relaxed and happy, when they have come from grey skies and the daily grind. She said it must give us so much pleasure to see happy smiling and relaxed faces, and all because of what we offer and the nurturing environment.

retreat origins

Retreat Origins

It made me reflect on how tough it was at the beginning, I looked around and saw how our garden is blooming because of how much work Dan puts into it, how my Yoga studio feels so bright and calming and a wonderful space to practice. How the bar by the pool is looking inviting for those balmy summer nights with music and a relaxing ambience. The pool is blue and sparkly, waiting for those hot days to just float around, or an invigorating swim before morning Yoga.

I feel the ambience every day; I enjoy looking at the mosaics that appear around the house after Dan has quietly worked away in his studio.

Yoga_ pilates_holidays

We have met many interesting and wonderful people, who have arrived through our purple gates and have become friends and returned many times. Our enjoyment and experience of running a retreat is richer because of the wonderful people who have come here.I have reflected back because of our guests remarks today and realise how lucky we are. I wanted to share those feelings with you…


Hope to see you soon

Love Viv

What our guests say

Viv & Dan, thank you so much for your welcoming hospitality, I have never enjoyed doing nothing quite so much. It has been a wonderfully relaxing week, giving me time with my mind in a safe and supportive environment.

Holly and the Bump – Sat 16th to 23rd April 2011

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